Recreational Properties


A Lifestyle Of Leisure Awaits You

Buying a cottage property can be quite a daunting exercise for many, especially when they are located deep in forested areas or accessible only ATV or boat.

This is why you need an experienced property specialist who can guide you through the right questions to ask when it’s time to evaluate whether or not a particular opportunity is a good investment for you and your family.

Call me when you’re considering the purchase of a recreational property. Let’s talk about your needs and wants and, together, we’ll make sure that the decisions you make are informed.

Liquidating A Family Cottage?

Children often find themselves holding family cottages in trust or as joint owners once the will is read.  Sometimes these situations lead to selling the property for economic reasons or just to “keep the peace” among siblings.

I understand the delicacy and diplomacy required in these matters and I encourage you to give me a call to discuss all of your options before the final decision is made.

There are always solutions.


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